Outlander Season 6 deleted scene: Jamie worries about Brianna

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Jamie and Claire spend some more time together in an Outlander Season 6 deleted scene. In this, Jamie worries about Brianna.

Jamie is always going to worry about the people he loves. In the Outlander Season 6 deleted scene released, he worries about his daughter. There’s also some worry for Claire.

The deleted scene, which will be one of those included in the Collector’s Edition for the sixth season, takes place after the bloody flux hits the Ridge. It’s before Claire catches it, and we get a little look at how she could have ended up catching the illness that spreads. Of course, we end up knowing that she didn’t catch this.

Jamie is concerned as he hears that Claire and Brianna could end up catching the illness. This may be something they haven’t been vaccinated against.

Jamie sees the stool in the Outlander Season 6 deleted scene

The scene starts with Jamie bringing Claire something to drink while she works in her surgery. She’s trying to figure out which illness is spreading, and that means she’s looking at stool samples. We know this is just a normal thing to do now, but the people of the Ridge are confused and somewhat disgusted by it. Remember how Tom Christie reacted?

Jamie doesn’t quite understand everything, but he trusts Claire. He accepts that she’s going to do these things, and instead focuses on things that he can understand: can Claire catch this illness?

This brings up a scene from A Breath of Snow and Ashes. Jamie notes that Brianna came straight in to wash her hands using boiling water. She burns herself, but it doesn’t faze Bree. Claire notes that Brianna hasn’t seen an illness like this and she’ll be scared. Claire was young, but she does know that people died in their thousands with the Spanish influenza. She’s also lived through two World Wars.

There is more to the scene in the book, but the deleted scene gives us just a hint of the fear that Bree feels and how helpless Claire can sometimes feel.

Take a look at the Outlander Season 6 deleted scene:

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