Outlander spoilers: Malva’s story in church was partly true

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Malva stood up in church to tell everyone about the man who fathered her baby in Outlander Season 6. The story she told wasn’t all lies. It links to the real father of the baby.

When Malva said Jamie is the father of her baby, we all knew it was false. Claire was initially concerned, but she did figure it out. Jamie would acknowledge his own child regardless of how that child came about.

However, that didn’t stop the gossip spreading around the Ridge. It hasn’t stopped Jamie from being viewed as an adulter, and maybe even a rapist to some people. It didn’t help that Malva stood up in church to share the story of who the father of her baby is.

Yet, if you listen to the words, Malva isn’t completely lying. Listen carefully and you will be able to figure out who the father of her baby actually is.

Who is the father of Malva’s baby in Outlander?

Malva shares how she was coerced into sleeping with someone she trusted. A person she trusted took her innocence. This person made promises and the couldn’t keep those promises. Of course, to the people in the church, it sounds like it’s Jamie, but there is someone else.

During the “confession,” Malva explains that the devil took over someone she trusted, and that person took her innocence. We all know that Malva wasn’t exactly innocent. Many of the younger men at the Ridge will know Malva wasn’t all that innocent at the time of the alleged affair with Jamie. That means there was someone else in her life.

That someone is a person she trusted, but she’s not really formed a lot of bonds with people at the Ridge. She laid with Young Ian and there was something going on with Obadiah Henderson, but there are no signs that she actually trusted them or that they took her innocence.

There are only two men who she would have trusted at first: her brother and her father. So, it means it’s one of them.

You’ll want to read the books for the answer as I am going to keep this book-spoiler free for the show-first fans. However, Malva wasn’t completely lying when she confessed to things in the church.

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