5 best Young Ian moments in Outlander Season 6

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Young Ian gained some major character development throughout Outlander Season 6. Here are the five top moments that stand out the most.

There is absolutely no doubt that Young Ian had some great development throughout Outlander Season 6. While there were some elements that were changed from the book, in terms of the TV series, the changes made a lot of sense.

We found out what happened to Young Ian when he was with the Mohawk. We learned about his wife and the struggles he faces now. We also got to see him remain a good man who just wants to do the right thing.

So, what were his best moments throughout Outlander Season 6? We look back at the season to pick them out.

5 best Young Ian moments in Outlander Season 6

5. Forgiving Kaheroton for everything that happened

During the season, we had to find out what happened to Young Ian while he was with the Mohawk. Why did they send him home after adopting him into the tribe? All this came to a head when he realized that Kaheroton was visiting the Cherokee.

It turns out that Ian and Kaheroton were friends. However, when the Mohawk realized that Ian and Emily probably couldn’t have children, Emily took Kaheroton into her home. Ian was sent away, and he had always felt betrayed by that.

Yet, when it came to Kaheroton potentially being killed, Young Ian refused to let it happen. He made it clear that Emily chose Kaheroton, and he will accept that. They may no longer be brothers, but Ian forgives him for everything. It’s closure.

4. Offering to marry Malva for the baby

When Malva claims the baby is Jamie’s, Young Ian knows the truth. There’s a chance that the baby is his. To help deal with the situation against Jamie and Claire, he offers to marry Malva and claim the bairn.

It’s a great chance to see Ian’s character. He is a good man, and he wants to do the right thing. Sure, now, we’d say it’s crazy to marry someone purely for the child. The 18th century wasn’t like that. Ian didn’t love Malva, but he would take responsibility in a way many other men wouldn’t have done.

3. Choosing to be both Scot and Mohawk

We realize that Ian isn’t just struggling with the past. He’s also struggling with trying to join together two parts of him. The Scots and the Mohawks aren’t quite the same. There are differing religious and spiritual views.

Yet, Ian realizes that he shouldn’t be choosing one or the other. He is both, and he can embrace both. I love that we get to see him stand up for what he wants and to be able to figure out who he is as a person. This is all going to be important moving forward.

2. Going back to the Cherokee for help

When Claire is arrested and Jamie goes with her, Young Ian decides to head out to help them escape. That’s not going to work, but Young Ian isn’t giving up. In the Outlander Season 6 finale, he goes for help.

Ian heads out to the Cherokee. He knows that Bird will come to Jamie’s defense if necessary, and that’s exactly what would happen. Ian choosing to be both Scot and Mohawk is coming in handy. So is his unwillingness to let the Cherokee fend for themselves when it came to the request for guns.

1. Opening up to Jamie about his daughter

When with the Cherokee, Young Ian opens up to Jamie. This is the change to the book. In the book, he opens up to Bree and Marsali first. In the show, it makes sense that it’s Jamie. Jamie is the one Ian has always turned to.

We initially get a basic story of Ian and Emily together. We learn that Emily had a stillbirth and then suffered miscarriages. Later, Ian wants advice considering he didn’t even get to hold his daughter. Ian opening up in this way is a huge step, and I adore it.

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What were your favorite Young Ian moments in Outlander Season 6? Share them in the comments below.

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