Will Allan Christie return in Outlander Season 7?

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Allan Christie has been one of those characters doing a lot behind the scenes. Will he return in Outlander Season 7, or is Season 6 the last of him?

If there is one character we absolutely love to hate, it’s Allan Christie. So far, he’s been a quiet character. It’s clear that he’s a thief and a bit of a coward, but there is much more at play. We just have to look at how Malva initially wanted Claire’s help and then turned on her the minute Allan was around to know that he’s up to something.

What is that something? We still haven’t found out. The last we saw of Allan, he was still supporting the idea of Claire being taken away as a murderer. Is there a chance we’ll see him again in Outlander Season 7?

Allan Christie will likely return in Outlander Season 7

It certainly looks like we will see Allan again. Actor Alexander Vlahos has commented that he’s in Glasgow for some filming, and we all know which show films in and around Glasgow, Scotland. Oh yes, it’s all about Outlander.

This would make sense. It’s clear that Allan’s storyline isn’t over. We don’t tend to get characters just disappearing into the wind unless they’re meant to until they turn back up again at a later point. Allan isn’t one of those characters.

Eventually, Claire and Jamie will get back to the Ridge. Even if they don’t right away, there are other characters who can get back to the Ridge and deal with Allan when they learn the truth about his involvement in everything that’s happened so far.

What happens to Allan in the Outlander books?

Want the spoilers from the books? Allan does still have a story to tell. We need to find out how he’s involved in Malva’s big storyline and her murder.

It turns out he’s the father of the child. Remember in the church when Malva shared that her innocence was taken by someone she trusted? She wasn’t talking about Jamie, but about her brother. Allan has been raping her from a young age, and he forced Malva to concoct a story that Jamie was the father of the baby.

When Malva was ready to tell Claire the full truth, Allan had to stop her. He killed her to do that, and now he’s pushed the blame onto Claire.

In the end, Young Ian kills Allan. It’s with an arrow, which brings us back to that part of Allan and Ian hunting in the woods when Allan comments on Ian using a bow and arrow instead of a musket.

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