Who is Jamie’s real father in Outlander?

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With so many questions about the paternity of various questions, it’s no surprise there are questions about Jamie’s real father in Outlander.

There have been a lot of secrets and questions about paternity in Outlander. Brianna learned that Frank wasn’t her father at the end of the second season, while Jamie and Lord John Grey are keeping a secret about William’s true paternity in the books.

With all that in mind, it’s not surprising that there are questions about some of the other questions. There was a moment in the series where it looked like Murtagh could have been Jamie’s biological father. However, Jamie believes his father is Brian Fraser. Is it possible that his mom kept a big secret?

Brian is Jamie’s biological father in Outlander

There is no conspiracy here. This is just a strange fan theory that’s come up based on how Murtagh felt for Ellen MacKenzie. Yes, Murtagh loved her, but that did not mean Ellen ever returned those feelings.

In fact, Ellen ran off with Brian to marry him. She didn’t return to her family until she was pregnant to make it impossible to be pulled away from the man she loved.

On top of that, this baby wasn’t Jamie. This was Jamie’s older brother, Willie, who died young. Jamie was the third child of Ellen and Brian.

For Murtagh to be Jamie’s father, Ellen would have had to have had an affair. There is no way that would have happened considering the story that we know. Okay, so we don’t know all the details, but there have never been any hints that Murtagh and Ellen had an affair years into the marriage to Brian.

There is no doubt about it that Brian is Jamie’s biological father. However, Murtagh was close to the family, which led to him becoming Jamie’s godfather.

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