Why has Roger cut his hair in Outlander Season 6?

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

In the promo photo for Outlander Season 7, we spotted Roger with short hair. He cut his hair in the Outlander Season 6 finale, but why?

When we saw photos for Outlander Season 7, there was one immediate question about Roger. Why was his hair cut short? Well, it turns out that we haven’t had to wait for the seventh season to get answers. The answers came in the Outlander Season 6 finale.

Brianna has cut his hair, although we didn’t get to see that happen in the finale. We just know that it’s happening, and we also got the reason why. It’s all to do with lice!

Jemmy gets lice in the Outlander Season 6 finale

Just like the books, Jemmy picks up lice. The only way for Bree to get rid of them is to cut his hair, and that’s what she does. It brings up the topic of a mole on Jemmy’s head.

The mole isn’t anything serious. Roger knows all about it. He had one just like it as a kid, and his doctor noted that it was benign and hereditary.

Hereditary is the important word here. This is confirmation that Roger is Jemmy’s biological father. There is no more the fear that Jemmy is part Irish pirate.

Roger cuts his hair in celebration in Outlander

In the books, Roger actually cuts his hair in a solidarity way. Jemmy is concerned about the short hair, and Roger does it to help.

In the series, the reasoning changed a little. Jemmy doesn’t really mind having short hair. That’s potentially linked to the fact that some of the fisherfolk boys had shorter hair and that Jemmy is now in the middle of the woods and away from people who will comment on the hair.

Whatever the reason, Roger didn’t even think about getting his hair cut until Bree pointed out the mole. Roger gets emotional and then decides not to say anything except that he thinks he has lice too.

“Like father, like son.” That has to be one of the best lines of the whole series.

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