3 best Roger moments in Outlander Season 6, Episode 7

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Roger figures out what he wants to do in the past in Outlander Season 6, Episode 7. Here are his top three moments from the episode.

While there is a lot of darkness throughout Outlander Season 6, Episode 7, there is also a lot of humor. In fact, it’s Roger’s scenes that bring us a lot of the humor throughout the episode.

He figures out what he is being called to do, and this whole season has been leading up to this point. He also talks to Mr. Bug about something ghostly, although Mr. Bug is clearly not going to oblige. Let’s get into the top Roger moments from the episode.

3 best Roger moments in Outlander Season 6, Episode 7

What would Perry Mason do?

Of course, the topic of Malva’s murder is everywhere. Jamie wants to figure out who did it, and he leans on Ian, Roger, and Bree to help him. That’s when Bree and Roger bring up the topic of Perry Mason.

Roger is the one who discusses how Perry would have figured out a case. He talks about motive, means, and opportunity. What he doesn’t realize is that Claire is in earshot and she fits into all three. He doesn’t mean to blame Claire, though. He’s just working through it all through the words of a TV lawyer.

The topic of ghosts

We go from one fictional topic to another potentially fictional topic. After all, we can’t say ghosts definitely don’t exist, but Roger clearly doesn’t believe in them. The problem is Jemmy has heard about them thanks to Mr. Bug’s words to Mrs. Bug.

It’s not really the topic of ghosts that bothers Roger. He’s just fed up of the rumors going around the Ridge. He’s very angry when he learns that Jemmy wants to know if his Grandma will turn him into a ghost. I love this protective side of Roger. He has been like this all season toward Jamie and Claire.

They can all go to hell

Roger realizes that he needs to become a minister. That’s his calling in the 18th century, and he’s good at it. Brianna is worried about a couple of things, and Roger makes it clear that Bree and his family will always come first.

There’s one big question, though. Will the Presbyterians expect Bree to convert? She’s Catholic, after all. Roger doesn’t expect that. The Presbyterians can go to hell if they expect that to happen. What will his more diplomatic way of telling them that be?

3 best Roger moments in Outlander Season 6, Episode 6. dark. Next

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