3 best Jamie moments in Outlander Season 6, Episode 6

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Rumors about Jamie Fraser spread across the Ridge in Outlander Season 6, Episode 6. Here are his top three moments throughout the episode.

Outlander Season 6, Episode 6 was not an easy episode to watch. At first it looked like Claire was going to die of the sickness spreading across the Ridge. After she recovered, the Frasers and MacKenzies had to deal with another type of trouble. Rumors quickly spread based on Malva’s claims.

It turns out Malva is pregnant, and she says that Jamie is the father. Could it be? Did Jamie have an affair? Of course not, and his moment after the accusations with Claire is certainly one of our top moments of his during the episode. It’s time to delve into all three of them.

3 best Jamie moments in Outlander Season 6, Episode 6

His fear of losing Claire

The episode starts with sickness spreading across the Ridge. Claire comes down with it, although she later realizes that it wasn’t the same sickness that everyone else had. That doesn’t matter in the moment, though. Jamie is more concerned with losing his wife.

We see the fear as Brianna tries to help bring Claire’s fever down. He can’t lose her. That’s the one thing that he can’t live with, and we can see that in his eyes as he looks down on her at the bed. We see that love, and we know that there’s no way that he would have slept with Malva.

His apology to Claire after Malva’s accusation

During the episode, Malva accuses Jamie of being the father of her unborn child. Of course, the Christies believe Malva, but Jamie is more concerned about Claire. Does she believe the accusations? Jamie refuses to apologize for something that he didn’t do, but he does need to apologize for something.

This brings up Mary MacNab. He didn’t know how to tell Claire about it before this point, but he needs to apologize in this moment.

Claire knows that Jamie wouldn’t turn his back on a child he’d fathered if Malva’s accusations were true. We do see that moment of agreement in Jamie’s eyes. If that baby was his, he would recognize it.

Knowing he’s needed at the Ridge right now

Rumors didn’t just spread across the Ridge in this episode. They also spread to the Sons of Liberty, leading to Jamie not being chosen as a delegate.

That’s okay, though. Jamie doesn’t need to be at the heart of the revolution. He just needs to be with the Sons of Liberty at this point. The Ridge needs him right now, even if the Ridge doesn’t want him. With the way Outlander Season 6, Episode 6 ended, that’s certainly the case.

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