When will Marsali learn about time travel in Outlander?

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Outlander Season 6, Episode 3 confirmed that Marsali still doesn’t know about time travel. When is that secret going to come out?

One thing is clear from Outlander Season 6, Episode 3. The circle of people who know about time travel hasn’t grown yet. Marsali doesn’t know, and that will mean Fergus doesn’t either.

When Bree mentioned the Vroom to Jemmy, Marsali asked her about it. Why is it called a Vroom? Book readers will know the story of how it became known as a Vroom, but that wasn’t the story told in the series. Instead, Bree just said that it’s the noise Jemmy makes when he plays with the toy.

Marsali didn’t ask any further questions. However, it’s clear that she does have more. She just may not have been able to vocalize them. Why would Jemmy have used a vroooom sound when playing with the toy?

How will Marsali react when she learns about time travel in Outlander?

All the interaction told us is that Marsali still doesn’t know about time travel. Is this ever going to change?

In the novels, Marsali and Fergus apparently know. They haven’t been told on-page, but Diana Gabaldon confirms that the two know that Claire, Bree, and Roger are time travelers. I would love to see that interaction play out on-page, though. Even just a short story or some sort of novella of how the two found out would be good.

The two haven’t been told off-screen in the series. If they had, Bree would have told Marsali the truth behind the name Vroom. It’s the sound children make when playing with toy cars in the future.

However, this interaction seems to hint that, eventually, Marsali will learn the truth? Just how is she going to react when she learns the truth? Will she finally piece everything together about why Claire, Bree, and Roger are so strange for the time period? Will those little niggling thoughts finally make sense? Will she feel angry that people close to her continued to lie to her even when she proved she was trustworthy?

I’d love to see this interaction play out.

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How do you think Marsali will react if she ever learns the truth about time travel? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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