Who are the Bugs in Outlander Season 6?

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

The first two episodes of Outlander Season 6 have put more focus on the Bugs. Who are they, and will they cause trouble during the season?

Mr. and Mrs. Bug were originally introduced in Outlander Season 5, but they didn’t get much screen time. It looks like Season 6 is attempting to use them a little more. We’ve seen a lot more of Murdina than Arch, but the two come hand in hand.

They are important characters in the books. I didn’t think the series would use them in the same way considering they didn’t become major players in the fifth season. However, is it possible that they will end up playing a bigger role in this new season?

What do the Bugs do in the Outlander books?

There are some spoilers here for those who haven’t read the books. However, I’ll try to keep them short and not give away what happens to the couple.

The two join Claire and Jamie during The Fiery Cross. They lived through Culloden, and this is important. You see, they are survivors and they will look out for themselves. When they find out about the French gold, they understandably want it.

This causes trouble at the Ridge. How much trouble? I’ll leave you to the books for that as I’m really not sure they’ll be used in this way in the series.

Will the Bugs cause trouble in Outlander Season 6?

There’s already a lot going on in the world of Outlander. We have threats from all sides. The Browns aren’t letting up, the Christies have arrived, and the Revolutionary War is coming. Do we really need another threat?

The Bugs’ storyline revolves around the French gold. However, the French gold hasn’t really been mentioned in the show in recent seasons. It does become a big thing during the fifth book when Claire and Jamie are at Duncan and Jocasta’s wedding. This is why I’m not sure the Bugs will be used in the same way as in the books. We haven’t had this focus on the gold just yet.

Right now, it looks like the Bugs will be used as helpers around the house. Of course, their storyline could be pushed into Outlander Season 7. We know four episodes from Season 6 have been moved into the next season. Could it involve the Bugs?

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What do you think will happen with the Bugs? Do you want to see the book follow that exact storyline for them? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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