5 best moments in the Outlander Season 6 premiere

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

The Outlander Season 6 premiere did not disappoint. Here’s a look inside the top five moments from the jam-packed episode.

We’re certainly getting ready for Outlander Season 6, Episode 2. However, let’s look back at the best Outlander Season 6 premiere moments. This was an episode that was packed with new characters, the threat of old characters, and the tease of great storylines to come.

There are some debated moments in the episode. This happens all the time, and one of them I fully expected. They are some big moments that will certainly bring drama for the episodes to come. However, there are other moments that stand out for some great reasons when it comes to character development.

5 best moments from the Outlander Season 6 premiere

The flashback to Ardsmuir

The first 20 minutes of the episode or so were all about a flashback to Ardsmuir. That meant bringing some characters back from Outlander Season 3. As much as we’d have loved to see Murtagh, getting Duncan Lacroix may not have been possible but at least we had some familiar faces.

This flashback was essential. We needed to see why Tom and Jamie didn’t get along. It was essential to see that religion played a part, but also how Jamie figured out a way to make sure peace could happen. This sets the tone for Tom’s arrival at the Ridge.

Jamie dishing out the punishment

At the end of the episode, Richard Brown shows up. There’s a thieve among the Christies, and Brown wants punishment to be dished out. Jamie is the one who steps up to do it, and yes, this is totally in character. We’ve seen Jamie dole out punishments in the past—and even Book Jamie talks about how punishment is suitable as long as the individual deserves it. In this case, Allan Christie stole and deserved the punishment.

However, Jamie didn’t use the whip that Richard Brown wanted. He used his belt and was able to control the force. He knew that for Brown, this was a power grab and Jamie wasn’t about to let that happen.

Outlander Season 6
Outlander Season 6 — Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Marsali trying to hold it all together

Fergus is drunk every time we see him on the screen. This is important to note. We need to see that he’s suffering mentally, and that means Marsali is also struggling. Poor Marsali is simply trying to hold it all together, but she’s starting to crumble.

There’s a moment with Amy that I love. Amy believes that Marsali is a widow, and it’s clear that Marsali may as well be with Fergus the way he is acting right now. However, Marsali still loves her husband, and she wants to figure out how to help him. It’s time for her to turn to her family for help.

Lizzie’s continued flirtations

We got a few light moments throughout the Outlander Season 6 premiere. One of those moments came from her interaction with Josiah Beardsley.

We’ve seen some flirting between them in Outlander Season 5. Now we get to see more of that flirtation, and it’s not going to stop between these two. Lizzie and the Beardsley twins have a big storyline coming, and the moments in this episode make it clear that we can expect it in the season.

Outlander Season 6 — Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Claire and Fergus showing signs of trauma

Both Claire and Fergus have been through a lot. They both show ways that people manage their trauma and PTSD, and not always in a positive way. They need help but they don’t know how to ask for it, or they feel weak for asking for it.

Fergus is drinking as he blames himself for not being able to help Marsali. There’s also the fact that he feels only part of a man for having just one help. Meanwhile, Claire is turning to a dangerous substance to calm her mind and sleep. Some of this may not be in the book, but it’s becoming more and more important to show them on TV shows now.

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What were your favorite moments from the Outlander Season 6 premiere? What do you hope to see in Episode 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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