Outlander Book Club: A Breath of Snow and Ashes Chapter 57 breakdown

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Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /
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The chapter starts with Roger on his way back, getting to the Ridge’s boundary. Aidan McCallum is fishing, and he shares all about the fish he’s caught for his family. We’ve seen this young boy come a long way since coming to the Ridge. He was struggling with the loss of his father, and now he’s really stepped up to help his mom.

It is a shame for Aidan. Boys of our time don’t all have to do this, and really, a child shouldn’t have to. However, this is the 18th century. It’s a very different time and boys don’t really get to be boys.

Aidan is proud of his accomplishments, though. He’s excited that he’s been able to feed his family, doing the thing that his father did. Roger has been there to support him through this, and we get to see the love Aidan has for Roger in this moment.

Then Roger gets back home. He gets to see Bree’s accomplishments. She’s created from pipes. This is a chance for her to step up her invention game, and Roger is proud of that.

He gives an update of where he is now. His schooling and languages are good enough to become a minister. He’s not been fully ordained yet, but that’s to come. He’s on the right path for it all.

The two want to be together in private after spending so long apart, but Aidan interrupts them. Mrs. Ogilvie needs Roger to come fast. She believes her child is dying and wants Roger to baptize her immediately. Roger is able to do this in an emergency and they all go.

It turns out the baby only has colic, but the young couple won’t really be convinced. They are thankful Roger has come, and the baby girl is called Rogerina in his honor. With the christening done, it’s time to go back home.