Outlander Book Club: A Breath of Snow and Ashes Chapter 51 breakdown

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We start the chapter with Roger finding Jamie by a stream fishing. Roger has figured out what he should do with his life in the past. He wants to become a minister.

Jamie thinks that means a preacher. There is certainly a preaching element, but Roger wants to specifically be a minister. It will mean going off to get his license to do it, but it is something important to him.

What’s made him decide this route? We can actually thank Tom Christie a little for this. Tom encouraged Roger to do the funeral in an earlier chapter. Roger has been involved in a few other things, and he’s certainly finding his place. It won’t even be that difficult considering he was raised by a reverend and he is an educated man when it comes to the languages.

Jamie encourages him but is concerned when Roger brings up the fear of seeming like a coward. Will Roger become a Quaker?

That’s not the plan. Roger notes that while he won’t fight in an army, he isn’t against doing what he needs to so he can protect his life and the lives of his family members. Jamie is happy to hear that. It means Roger will still protect Brianna and Jemmy, and that’s really what matters.

But has Roger mentioned it to Brianna? Not yet, but it’s a conversation he’s going to have to have.