Outlander Book Club: A Breath of Snow and Ashes Chapter 50 breakdown

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The chapter starts with Roger heading over to Amy McCallum’s. On the way, he comes across Malva, who shares that people are talking about Roger and Amy. He’s spending a lot more time with Amy than he is with Brianna. While it is for innocent reasons, we all know what gossip is like.

Roger decides that he needs to tell Amy that he can’t help her anymore. It’s going to be harder on Aiden than it is Amy. However, he doesn’t have the time for that when he finds out Aiden is suffering from appendicitis. He needs to get the boy to Claire.

Claire has a chance to operate. She has Malva by her side, although Malva didn’t initially want to go. She does want to learn from Claire, but she’s scared about what Tom will do when he finds out that they’ve worked with the ether. That’s the part Tom is really upset about.

During the operation, Tom and Allen turn up. Allen and Roger get into a fight, with Allen claiming that Roger is an adulterer. Claire had wanted to talk to Brianna about what she had been hearing on the Ridge but hadn’t had a chance. It’s all coming to a head now.

Tom is worried about Aiden. In fact, Aiden stops breathing and Claire has to resuscitate him. Tom is shocked to see this, noting that Claire has brought Aiden back to life.

Claire asks Tom not to beat Malva for being around the ether. Claire will take the blame for that.

The good news is Claire manages to save Aiden’s life, even if it did bring a lot of trouble to her surgery.

At the very end of the chapter, Roger is about to leave the cabin again. Brianna gets angry. She’s fed up of Roger being willing to help everyone but her. He points out that he didn’t think Bree needed his help before leaving her still angry at the situation.