Will Murtagh be in Outlander Season 6?

Outlander -- Courtesy of Mark Mainz, STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of Mark Mainz, STARZ /

Murtagh is one of the most beloved characters on Outlander. Is there a chance we’ll see him return in Outlander Season 6?

As we get closer to the Outlander Season 6 premiere, there’s no doubt that we’re looking for spoilers. We want to know which of the storylines from the sixth book will make it to the show. Many also want to know if beloved characters will return.

What about Murtagh? He is one of the most beloved characters throughout the series, both book and show. Is there a chance that he will return?

Murtagh died in Outlander Season 5

We have to remember that Murtagh is not around in Outlander Season 6. He died at the Battle of Alamance, something that devastated everyone. Roger even tried to stop Alamance from happening, and at least tried to keep Murtagh safe. It was something that almost killed Roger, and it has taken away his singing voice.

So, when it comes to the present-day storyline in Season 6, it’s simply not possible for Murtagh to be around. This doesn’t mean Duncan Lacroix can’t pop up though, does it?

Could Murtagh be in a flashback in Outlander Season 6?

We know that there are likely to be flashbacks. We’ve seen them before, and the fifth season premiere included one that gave us the start of the bond between Murtagh and Jamie.

Something the show needs to explain is the relationship between Jamie and Tom. We need to understand how they know each other since Tom never showed up in the Ardsmuir scenes in Outlander Season 3. That means a flashback is likely to happen.

Does that mean Murtagh could show up? We know Murtagh was at Ardsmuir with Jamie during the third season. This will depend on whether Lacroix was available when filming of the scenes was taking place. Schedules may not have matched up.

There is always the chance of other flashbacks. Maybe we could even see Lacroix show up as another character, although there are no descendants to do anything like what the show did with Graham McTavish.

Chances are Murtagh won’t be in the season unless he’s in a flashback at Ardsmuir.

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Outlander Season 6 premieres on Sunday, March 6 on STARZ.