Who is Morag MacKenzie to Roger in Outlander?

Outlander -- Courtesy of Mark Mainz, STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of Mark Mainz, STARZ /

Morag MacKenzie was introduced in Outlander Season 4 and then brought back in Season 5. Who exactly is she to Roger in the series?

All Outlander fans will remember Morag MacKenzie. She was the mother of the baby Roger saved on the boat to the colonies. In fact, Roger put his own life at risk to save the baby from Stephen Bonnet throwing anyone with the sign of the pox overboard.

Roger then came across the same woman during the Battle of Alamance. Well, just before the battle. As Roger was trying to convince Murtagh to turn away from what was sure to be a bloodbath, he found Morag there. One innocent moment led to Roger being knocked out and almost killed.

Was it worth it? Was it important that he protected Morag and her baby? Who is Morag to Roger in Outlander?

Morag is Roger’s ancestor in Outlander

Roger needed to make sure Morag’s baby was safe. That baby was Jeremiah MacKenzie, and not Roger’s Jeremiah. This is a name that runs in the family tree.

You see, this Jeremiah was Roger’s ancestor. That makes Morag Roger’s ancestor. The actual line is to Buck, who was Geillis and Dougal’s child given to a family in Cranesmuir. Morag married Buck and gave birth to Jeremiah.

So, yes, Roger needed to make sure they were safe. Without Jeremiah, Roger wouldn’t have been born.

And that’s what makes Buck’s interaction with Roger all the more crazy. If only Buck knew about time travel at this point. Eventually, he finds out, but wouldn’t it have been great for Roger to have been able to explain that Morag and Buck were Roger’s great-(however many times)-grandparents? It could have solved a lot of problems.

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