Outlander Book Club: A Breath of Snow and Ashes Chapter 48 breakdown

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Just the Outlander chapter

Jamie goes to pay the Christies a visit. While he’s not too concerned about Tom beating Malva, he does want to check up on the family. That’s when he comes across Malva on his own, where she finds a small snake and gets a fright. After his snakebite, Jamie is rather calm about being around a snake. I know in later books he’s a little more on edge around them. Is it a front he’s putting on?

The topic eventually moves onto Malva spending time with Claire, a woman that a lot of people view as a witch. That’s not too surprising considering her healing abilities for the time, but it doesn’t stop it stinging now and then.

Jamie wants to know what Tom thinks about Malva spending so much time with Claire. Tom doesn’t forbid it, but it’s clear that Tom isn’t completely happy about the idea.

When Jamie brings up the topic of suitors for Malva, she gets scared. She doesn’t want Tom to hear that there are men interested in her, and Jamie realizes that he’s at least diligent in protecting Malva’s virtue. Oh, if only Jamie knew at this point.

What happened to Tom’s wife? He married while in the Colonies but his wife left him and went back to Scotland. That’s not something Tom would ever want shared with anyone due to pride, and Jamie makes a mental note that it’s why Tom would have people believe her dead. He starts running through the ages of Malva and Allan knowing how soon after Culloden Tom was arrested.

The chapter is mostly about learning a little more about Tom, but the subject does change to Malva sharing how she’s never been to the Highlands. She’s heard that Fraser’s Ridge is a little like the Highlands, and Jamie confirms that some elements are. However, Jamie can’t take his mind off Tom Christie’s wife who left him.