Outlander Season 6 premieres on STARZ in one week

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Jason Bell/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Jason Bell/STARZ /

There is one series we’re all keeping an eye on right now. It’s all about Outlander Season 6, and the series premieres in one week.

We’ve spent almost two years waiting for the sixth season of Outlander. There were delays due to the pandemic, but we found out toward the end of 2021 that we’d only have to wait until March.

The end is near. Outlander Season 6 premieres in just one week. Yes, next Sunday, we’ll be tuning into the premiere episode.

How long is the Outlander Season 6 premiere?

There have been a few updates about the new season, including that it’s only going to be eight episodes long. This is due to the pandemic and due to Caitriona Balfe’s pregnancy. We’ll also see the Christies appear in the majority of the season (if not all of it!).

To make up for the shorter season, the first episode is longer than normal. It’s one hour 20 minutes long. This is a little shorter than initially expected with initial statements saying it would be 90 minutes long, but 80 minutes is much better than 60.

Obadiah Henderson will appear in the season

During the premiere event for the season, we got to see a few of the cast members show up. Balfe was virtual due to being a new mom, but the rest of the stars were there in person. They even included those playing the Christies.

There was a face that we didn’t recognize from the promotional material. Euan Bennet was there, and he will play Obadian Henderson in the season. This may be a surprise to some, especially with the lack of promotion around the character. Some expected him to be Bobby Higgins, but we’ll still have to wait and see if Bobby will show up. With Amy McCallum showing up (in the promo) we certainly hope so!

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Outlander Season 6 will premiere exclusively on STARZ.