Outlander Book Club: A Breath of Snow and Ashes Chapter 41 breakdown

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The chapter starts with Jamie going to see Robin McGilvary for some weapons. He needs some for the Native tribes, and he does manage to strike a deal.

It turns out that Brianna had come to Robin with a drawing. She wants new guns made, and Robin isn’t impressed that a woman is thinking about guns instead of gowns. We know why it is, but this isn’t a time period for women to do this.

Jamie knows that it isn’t proper for a woman, but he’s not exactly going to stop his daughter from doing this. After all, he knows that she isn’t from this time period.

Jamie’s thoughts don’t stay on that for long, though. He thinks about the coming war. Brianna has recently explained what will happen to the tribes in the coming years and how they’re ousted from their land with broken promises. Bree and Roger have wondered whether Jamie should warn Bird.

But Jamie has to switch sides. How will that look to the tribes? Right now, he is fighting for the Crown and getting the people ready to fight against the revolutionaries. What about when Jamie turns his coat? How can people trust him when he’s been planning this the whole time?

And he also has to think about Lord John Grey. He’ll have a friend on the opposite side; a friend who may not understand why he’s joined the side of the Patriots.

The end of the chapter is a letter to Lord John Grey. Jamie wants John to sell the gemstone for him. At least, we can presume it’s a gemstone.