Outlander Book Club: A Breath of Snow and Ashes Chapter 40 breakdown

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Just the Outlander chapter

It all starts with Claire and Jamie waking one morning. It’s spring of 1774, and Major MacDonald has arrived with news. There have been letters from Governor Tryon, now in New York, and a few others. The people in the North need help, and the new Governor of North Carolina is struggling to get people to follow him.

Governor Martin is considering arming the Indians. This is something Jamie will need to be involved in as Indian Agent.

It turns out that the Governor’s mail is being intercepted and published in the newspapers. The Governor isn’t happy about that, but it means that something needs to be done about it. The first step is considering arming the Indians.

After that, we move onto Jamie and Roger. Roger is digging for the kiln for Bree, and he has a modern-day shovel for it. Jamie is impressed when he comes up, but he also wants to know what Brianna will make next. It’s clear that she’s been busy bringing the 20th century lifestyle to the past.

That brings up the topic of Roger and Bree going back to their own time. Will they leave? Roger admits they don’t want to, but they have thought about it. After all, the war coming, it would be safer for them in the past.

Why has this come up? Jamie needs money. Not only did they lose the season’s whisky in the attack on Claire, but the whole malting shed when up in smoke. They need to start again. Jamie owes a lot of money, including a dowry for Lizzie and money to Laoghaire. That means he needs to sell either land or the gems he has. He also needs to have 30 muskets for the Governor. There is the “promise” of being paid back, but it’s clear that he won’t expect that money.

He doesn’t want to sell the land. So, it means the gemstones. He needs to know if Roger and Brianna will need them, though.

The ending to the chapter is funny. Major MacDonald is coming over but the white sow is visible. She goes after MacDonald, who decides to run to the cabin away from her. In the end, she is busy eating his hat.