Droughtlander suggestions: Watch The Fall

The Fall Season 1 -- Photo credit Steffan Hill/Artists Studio/BBC
The Fall Season 1 -- Photo credit Steffan Hill/Artists Studio/BBC /

There’s still a little more time to get through as we wait for Outlander Season 6. The Fall is an excellent option during Droughtlander.

We still have a little more than two weeks for Outlander Season 6. After that, there’s going to be another Droughtlander. We need more content to help us get through the break.

Now is a great time to get into The Fall. It’s on Sundance Now, and you likely have that streamer if you are watching A Discovery of Witches. There are a lot of great shows on the streamer to help get through various Droughtlanders.

What is The Fall about?

The Fall is a gritty crime drama set in Northern Ireland. It focuses on the lives of two hunters. One of them is a female detective pulled in from the London Metropolitan Police to help catch the other, a serial killer who preys on victims around Belfast. They’re played by Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan respectively.

The authorities have no suspects when it comes to the serial killer. It’s up to DSI Stella Gibson to work through the evidence. She certainly does, and she has a suspect. However, could it possibly be Paul Spector, a father and husband who seems to be just like everyone else? He is really hiding in plain sight?

Why watch The Fall during Droughtlander

This is nothing like Outlander. It is dark and gritty. There are moments that will leave you uncomfortable. However, it’s a great option for Droughtlander if you’re looking for something different.

Anderson is outstanding. So is Dornan, but a lot of the focus is on this woman in charge. She is smart, sophisticated, and constantly a step ahead of everyone else. There are a lot of elements that will remind you of Claire Fraser.

We also have an Outlander actress in the series. Laura Donnelly stars as Sarah Kay. We immediately find out that she’s a potential victim, but will she manage to survive Paul Spector’s attention? There are a few other outstanding actors and actresses you’ll recognize.

The story is well-written and thrilling. It continues over the course of three seasons, not falling foul of repeating itself as the killer and detective play a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

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The Fall is available to stream on Sundance Now, which is available via Amazon Channels.