Outlander Book Club: A Breath of Snow and Ashes Chapter 34 breakdown

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Claire and Jamie head to Brownsville in Outlander Book 6, Chapter 34

It’s time to deliver Lionel Brown’s body back to his family in Outlander Book 6, Chapter 34. Claire and Jamie arrive in Brownsville with company.

There’s no way that the Frasers can tell the Browns exactly what happened to Lionel. They decide to go with the story that he succumbed to his injuries, which is a reasonable tale to tell.

However, one thing is clear. Richard Brown had no idea what had happened in the days running up to this. Donner hadn’t returned with the news. The men who had attacked Claire are still out there rotting in the ground.

There is a little bit of foreshadowing in this chapter. It’s more of a statement that’s enough to keep a particular character in our minds. I also think there’s a little bit with Young Ian, who chooses to ride with Bird and his people instead of Claire and Jamie.

The chapter was partly used for the series. It wasn’t used in the exact same way, and I’ll break that down in the adaptation section.

Let’s dive into A Breath of Snow and Ashes Chapter 34.