The Nevers Season 1, Part 2 is not coming to HBO in February 2022

The Nevers Season 1, Episode 1 - Photograph by HBO / Keith Bernstein
The Nevers Season 1, Episode 1 - Photograph by HBO / Keith Bernstein /

We’re waiting to see the next part of the story of The Touched. The wait continues, though. The Nevers Season 1B is not arriving next month.

There are a lot of shows that we use to help us get through Droughtlander. The Nevers got us through a few weeks in April 2021. It was a chance to see Laura Donnelly in a leading role, and we certainly loved it.

Some bad news is The Nevers Season 1B is not arriving in February. We’ve double-checked the list of HBO and HBO Max releases just to make sure, but it’s definitely not on there. We still have six episodes to check out to see the next part of The Touched’s story.

The Nevers Season 1B release date predictions

HBO hasn’t announced its release date for the second half of the season. That’s not surprising as filming only just recently wrapped.

Yes, the good news is filming has wrapped. The show is now in the post-production stage, which is going to take a few months. It takes six months just for a standard series. The Nevers is full of visual effects, so we’re looking at eight months or so.

With that in mind, we’re probably looking at toward the end of 2022 as a release date. There is a chance we’ll see it at some point around late summer or early fall depending on how much work post-production takes. It is just six episodes, which might be able to help keep the time frame to a minimum.

We’re still waiting for updates about The Nevers Season 2. HBO will likely want to wait for the second six episodes to see if the show is worth renewing.

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The Nevers is available to stream on HBO. Stay tuned for the latest updates about The Nevers Season 1B.