Are Roger and Brianna related in Outlander?

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

There are a lot of common questions about Outlander, especially when it comes to the family trees. One of those is whether Roger and Bree are related.

When you consider that all time travelers are related in the world of Outlander, it’s easy to shudder at Roger and Brianna being together. That’s especially when you realize that Roger and Brianna are both related to Dougal MacKenzie.

However, before you start claiming incest, it’s important to factor in that Roger and Brianna are generations apart. While they were both raised in the 20th century, Brianna was actually conceived in the 18th century. Roger is purely a 20th-century baby.

Roger and Brianna are distantly related in Outlander

Brianna is the child of Claire and Jamie. Jamie is Dougal’s nephew. This is important to remember as it does mean that Brianna and Roger are both related to Dougal MacKenzie.

Roger is not the son of Geillis and Dougal. He is a great-great-however-many-times-grandson of the two. William Buccleigh MacKenzie was the son of Dougal and Geillis. So, while Roger is related to Dougal, it is many times removed.

That means that while Bree and Roger are related in Outlander, they are distant cousins.

What about Brianna and Geillis? Well, there is a chance that they are somehow related, but again, it’s going to be distant. All time travelers are descendants of Master Raymond. In some way, Claire and Geillis are related, and that means Brianna and Geillis are related. It’s not clear how, but I think we’d know by now if it was a close connection.

If it wasn’t for time travel, Bree and Roger wouldn’t have ended up meeting as they’d be born in different time periods. Well, if it wasn’t for time travel, neither of them would have been born at all!

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