How many books are in the Outlander series?

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The Outlander books are the basis for the TV series. Diana Gabaldon has written a saga that showcases Claire and Jamie’s life, but how many books are there in total?

Outlander is just the first book in the series. It is the one that the TV series sticks to the most, although there are some elements changed due to the way TV shows need to work compared to the way books get to work.

From there, the show has started to diverge from the books. However, there are certain storylines that keep showing up.

There are always concerns that the series will come to an end. There are also concerns that the series will keep going and get ahead of the books. It’s important to know just how many Outlander books there are in the entire series.

Nine Outlander books written so far

As of right now, Tuesday, Jan. 11, there are nine Outlander books in the series. The ninth book, Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone, was published on Nov. 23, 2021.

It was a long wait for the ninth book. There are a lot of reasons for that. However, it’s not available, and fans of the books very quickly devoured the entire story.

The original story was just for practice. Then it transformed into a four-book series, and it has grown from that point onward. We’ve seen it grow from just being about Claire and Jamie’s relationship to being about the entire family.

A 10th book is in the works

Diana Gabaldon is now working on the 10th book in the series. That’s right; the ninth book is not going to be the last.

As of right now, the 10th book is going to be the last. Of course, we could see Gabaldon realize that there is more to the story and continue telling it. We’ve seen it with other authors realize that more time is needed and continue a saga.

There are other books in the saga

We’re just looking at the main book series here. There are other Outlander books in the saga.

Gabaldon has written the Lord John Grey novellas, which take place during the earlier books. We also know that she has plans to write a prequel novel that focuses on Jamie’s parents. And there is a look at creating a novel about Master Raymond.

Speaking of Master Raymond, there are also short stories, and one of them involves him and the Comte St. Germain.

This is certainly a world that you’ll want to delve into.

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