Outlander Book Club: A Breath of Snow and Ashes Chapter 17 breakdown

Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ /
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Outlander Season 5 — Courtesy of STARZ /

Just the Outlander chapter

The chapter is just a letter to Lord John Grey, starting with Jamie explaining why he chose to become Indian Agent. It has a lot to do with the Browns of Brownsville. It’s clear Jamie views them as a bit of a threat.

We also get a note that Roger says morality decreases as power increases. The Browns are gaining power, and that’s affecting their morality. Jamie agrees with this, and he knows that John will have the same opinion based on things they have seen in the past.

The focus then moves onto the new tenants, starting with Christie. He has good things to say about Tom Christie, which is good considering the looks that the new tenants have been giving Claire. They view her as dangerous and possibly a witch due to her surgery. That’s understandable considering the time period, but it is fun seeing John and Jamie discuss things about it in their letters.

We also get a quick mention of how some of those involved in the Regulation have been released. There is also a thanks from Brianna for the phosphorus, although Jamie doesn’t share the same sentiment. This was the moment I had to avoid laughing out loud. Of course Jamie eyes it warily.

It all ends with a statement that someone matching Stephen Bonnet’s description has been spotted. He’s disappeared again, though. This man is tricky to catch.

The chapter itself doesn’t give us too much new content. However, it’s clearly setting up a few storylines to come.