Which Outlander role did Tom Ellis audition for?

Tom Ellis auditioned for an Outlander role before the series began. It wasn’t Jamie Fraser, though. Who did he want to play, and could it have worked?

We know that every role on TV has numerous actors vying for it. When it came to Outlander, Tom Ellis wanted to land one of the biggest roles. It wasn’t the lead he was after, but one that would see him play two characters.

Yes, he wanted to play Black Jack Randall, which would have meant he’d play Frank Randall, too. After seeing him take on the role of Lucifer in the series of the same name, we’re kind of glad that he didn’t land the Outlander role. After all, who could be a better Lucifer than Ellis?

It turns out Sam Heughan may be somewhat happy that Ellis didn’t land the role of the two Randalls. After all, Ellis and Heughan are friends.

Would Tom Ellis have worked in the Outlander role?

TVLine shared Sam Heughan’s reaction to Ellis auditioning for the role. He admits that Ellis being in the role of Black Jack Randall would have made the end of Season 1 difficult to film. This was Jamie’s time at Wentworth Prison when Black Jack Randall is with him.

Tobias Menzies was amazing in the role. While we have no doubt that Ellis would have also been great, it’s hard to see how Wentworth Prison would have worked. We know that Ellis is open to what the job needs, but Heughan admits that it would have changed things on set.

However, Heughan also says that Ellis would have made a great Frank Randall. Frank is supposed to be likable and a charmer. Menzies did an excellent job, but we know from Ellis as Lucifer that he would have owned Frank completely.

What do you think about the idea of the two Randalls being played by Tom Ellis? Would it have worked for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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