Outlander Book Club: What’s the plan after The Fiery Cross?

We’ve come to the end of another book in the Outlander series in our readthrough. What’s the plan ahead for the Outlander Book Club?

Yesterday we covered the last chapter in The Fiery Cross. That means we’re looking at moving onto the next book. The question has been how we’d do the Outlander Book Club after The Fiery Cross.

There have been a few factors to consider. We have Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone coming out on Tuesday, Nov. 23. There will be some people who step away from the readthrough to devour the ninth book in the series.

We also haven’t had the whole of A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Book 6) adapted into the TV show. This means the adaptation section of our posts can be tricky. I can’t go through my thoughts on how the show adapted chapters that haven’t been adapted!

So, I decided to turn the decision over to you. I put on social media to find out what people wanted, and I got an overwhelming response. Thank you so much for that!

Outlander Book Club: Continuing the books in order

The decision from those who shared their thoughts was to continue the books in order. I did offer to jump to Bees and I did offer to alternate between A Breath of Snow and Ashes and Bees, but the majority of people wanted to just stick to the sixth book in the series.

This does make some sense. It gives people time to read Bees without being spoiled by the daily chapters. It also gives me time to read the book and see if there’s any foreshadowing (and what foreshadowing there is in the seventh and eighth books for the ninth!). I like to read and then do the posts on a reread because there’s so much to take in.

So, we’ll continue the readthrough with A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

I don’t have the exact date to start just yet. I want to take this week off at least, though. It’s Thanksgiving week and I need some time to start reading. I know getting through The Fiery Cross was difficult. Not only is it a hard book to get through, but I dropped the ball when going through the worst part of my separation. I don’t want to go days without doing posts on A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

I’ll share the date next week on the site and on social media.

Get your copy of A Breath of Snow and Ashes on Amazon now to get ready for the readthrough.