Outlander Book Club: The Fiery Cross Chapter 111 breakdown

Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks, STARZ
Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks, STARZ /
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We wrap the novel up with a brief mention of where the gems go in Outlander Book 5, Chapter 111

Can you believe we’re at the end of The Fiery Cross? The last chapter of Outlander Book 5 is a short one, telling us where the gems are going.

Now that Roger and Brianna had decided to stay in the 18th century, the Frasers decide to send off their gems. I do think this is a little shortsighted. After all, they have no idea what could happen. However, they’re sure there’s no need to keep all the gemstones anymore. Nobody is time traveling.

There are a few mentions of people from the past, including Ned Gowan. He’s tasked with finding out more about the man Laoghaire is with to see if Jamie’s contract to her can be voided.

The chapter foreshadows a lot of things to come. It is the end to this novel, but it’s just starting the storylines for A Breath of Snow and Ashes. After all, this is not the end of the road for the Frasers and the MacKenzies.

The chapter isn’t used in the series, though. The ending to Outlander Season 5 focuses on the war to come. It also threatens the war between the Frasers and the Browns after everything that happened to Claire. I’ll get to my thoughts on that in the adaptation section.

Let’s dive into The Fiery Cross Chapter 111.