When did Otter Tooth actually want to go to in Outlander?

Outlander Season 4 -- Courtesy of Mark Mainz/STARZ
Outlander Season 4 -- Courtesy of Mark Mainz/STARZ /

Otter Tooth was part of the Montauk Five, a group of activists who wanted to change Native American history in Outlander. What time period did he actually want to go to?

We found out a bit of Otter Tooth’s story in Drums of Autumn. This story was used in Outlander Season 4, but the rest of his story wasn’t included in the series. At least, it’s not been included all that much just yet, and it probably won’t be. It doesn’t connect to the overall storylines coming up.

However, we do learn more about Otter Tooth at the end of The Fiery Cross. Young Ian’s return brings Otter Tooth’s journal, and Claire finds out more about the man before he became the ghost she saw in the woods.

We find out through the journal that Otter Tooth arrived too late. Just when did he want to arrive in the past, and why was he there?

Otter Tooth aimed for the 17th century in Outlander

When he first comes through the stones, Otter Tooth has no idea when he is. The Native American people won’t follow traditional dates that he’d grown up following, so it wasn’t like he could ask anyone of the year.

It was the iron kettle that told him he was too late. For iron kettles to be used regularly, he realized that the white settlers had already started to have an influence over the Native tribes.

Otter Tooth wanted to go back earlier than the 18th century. He shares that he realizes that he’s at least 50 years too late, indicating that he wanted to head back sometime around the mid-1600s. This would have been before the settlers were able to trade so much with the Native tribes, sharing their influences and leading to what because false promises of friendship and respect.

We don’t get the exact time that he wanted to head to, but there’s enough to work with. It’s clear that he wanted to arrive about 100 years before Claire and Jamie are in at the time of reading the journal.

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