Who does the pale hand belong to in the Outlander Season 6 teaser?

The Outlander Season 6 teaser is out and we get a look at some of the strife coming to the Ridge. There’s a moment with a very pale hand, but who does that hand belong to?

During NYCC 2021’s Outlander panel, we got to see the first teaser for Outlander Season 6. There’s no doubt that it excites us, but it also has us worried for our favorite characters. There are some major moments that give us the hint of trouble for many of the characters.

There’s a moment that stands out at 37 seconds in the teaser. Someone has an extremely pale hand hanging down. We don’t get to see who it belongs to, and it’s leading to a lot of speculation.

Who does the pale hand belong to in the Outlander Season 6 teaser?

We know that there’s a major storyline coming for Fergus. At least, we hope that the show really focuses on this. There is trouble for Fergus and Marsali, and there’s a moment just before the pale hand clip of Fergus soaked through as if he’s been thrown in the river.

Is it possible the pale hand belongs to him and his big storyline? I’m going to take a guess and say “definitely not.” It’s the left hand that we see. Fergus has lost his left hand, so that would be a major mistake for the show! There’s no way the series would be able to get away with a mistake like that.

So, we’re looking at other characters. It’s possible that it’s Roger’s hand and linked to that photo of Roger carrying the baby out of the water. We think that links to Roger saving baby Henri-Christian from the books, and it could certainly be the moment Roger gets the babe back home.

If you look at the photo of the Roger carrying the baby and the clip at 37 seconds in the teaser, you’ll see the clothing is similar. And it looks like the person in the Outlander Season 6 teaser has wet clothes.

Why would his hand be so pale? The water would likely be freezing cold, so the blood would have drained from Roger’s extremities to keep the rest of his body warm. That’s just my theory.

Who do you think has the pale hand in the Outlander Season 6 teaser? What do you hope to see on the sixth season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlander Season 6 will premiere in early 2022 on STARZ.