Outlander Book Club: The Fiery Cross Chapter 60 breakdown

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Outlander Season 5
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Jamie has learned news about Stephen Bonnet in Outlander Book 5, Chapter 60

While there is still the buildup to the Battle of Alamance in Outlander Book 5, Chapter 60, there is also still some focus on Stephen Bonnet. After all, with everything that happened at Jocasta and Duncan’s wedding, there’s no way that Jamie can just allow the pirate to get away.

At first glance, this can seem a bit of a filler chapter, especially at the start of it. Jamie and Claire are discussing the Regulators, getting us ready for the British victory at the Battle of Alamance. It’s only when they move onto the discussion about Bonnet that there’s a little bit of action. Even then, it’s not really action but getting us ready for things to come at a later point.

The idea of this chapter is more to keep things in mind. The book follows the way life would play out. Jamie gets bits and pieces of information making it clear that Bonnet is still an important part of his search. That doesn’t mean the situation with Bonnet will be fully solved right away.

And so, the chapter is mostly about foreshadowing. It’s about keeping things in mind while pushing things forward for the plot that’s coming up within the next few chapters.

As for the development in the show, the lead-up to the Battle of Alamance was used. The parts with Bonnet weren’t at this point in the story. It wasn’t until after Alamance that Jamie put more focus on finding Stephen Bonnet. I’ll get to why that was likely the case for the series in the adaptation section.

Let’s dive into The Fiery Cross Chapter 60.