Transport yourself to Fraser’s Ridge with this handmade sweatshirt from Etsy

Discover TopTeeStudio's Outlander Fraser's Ridge sweatshirt on Etsy.
Discover TopTeeStudio's Outlander Fraser's Ridge sweatshirt on Etsy. /

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Though we may have to wait for season six of Outlander to arrive, it doesn’t mean we have to leave Fraser’s Ridge behind. Etsy’s TopTeeStudio has designed a sweatshirt that would fit in perfectly at any visitor gift shop at the settlement or in any fan’s closet.

This Fraser’s Ridge sweatshirt features the iconic landscape where Claire and Jamie Fraser live in 18th century America. After they leave Scotland, the couple traveled from the shores of Georgia to find a new place to settle. North Carolina’s Governor William Tryon gives them a 10,000-acre piece of land, and because it was on a hilltop, they called it Fraser’s Ridge. The sweatshirt also shows the valley and river below the summit and even has established in 1767 at the bottom.

Discover TopTeeStudio's Outlander Fraser's Ridge sweatshirt on Etsy.
Discover TopTeeStudio’s Outlander Fraser’s Ridge sweatshirt on Etsy. /

Though many fans would assume this sweatshirt includes the famous Fraser clan motto “Je suis prest,” it actually features a new saying: “Where family, friend, and whiskey gather.” This spelling of the grain spirit is interesting because it’s usually spelled without an “e” in Scotland while Americans include it. Maybe this is a subtle nod to the family’s new homestead or just a happy mistake, but either way, we enjoy it, nonetheless.

This sweatshirt is handmade from a lightweight, soft pre-shrunk blend of cotton and polyester, so you don’t have to worry about your new item becoming too small. It is available in maroon, navy, black, and gray in small, medium, and large sizes. It is also free to ship and usually arrives in four to seven days. Though returns and exchanges aren’t accepted, you can still message the owner if you have questions or use the sizing chart to find your dimensions.

Check out TopTeeStudio’s Fraser’s Ridge sweatshirt on Etsy.