Outlander Book Club: The Fiery Cross Chapter 44 breakdown

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Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /
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Claire tells Jocasta about Duncan’s secret in Outlander Book 5, Chapter 44

After learning about Duncan’s secret, Claire has to break the news to Jocasta in Outlander Book 5, Chapter 44. Will Jocasta still want to marry Duncan.

This is a chapter where Claire initially thinks about looking at fixing the problem, or at least attempting to, but she gets through what she was supposed to. It’s all about sharing Duncan’s secret.

Normally, I wouldn’t say a secret should be shared, but it’s clear that Duncan wanted this to come out in some way. At least, he wanted Jocasta to find out. He was too embarrassed to tell her himself, though. Getting to know Duncan over the course of the last couple of books, it’s easy to accept his shyness.

Of course, the chapter wasn’t used for the series. We didn’t get to know Duncan during the third and fourth seasons. Instead, he was just quickly included so Jocasta still got married again, but we didn’t really get to know him. I didn’t mind that too much in the show, and I’m glad that a lot of this storyline was missed out. I’ll get to why in the adaptation section.

It doesn’t foreshadow too much that I can see. That is unless I’ve forgotten something in the books…and that’s happened. The books are too long, I simply can’t remember everything!

Let’s dive into The Fiery Cross Chapter 44.