Is Outlander Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video?

Knowing that Outlander Season 6 is coming in early 2022, you’ll want to play catch up. Can you stream Outlander Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video?

Whether it’s because it’s finally landed on a streaming platform you actually have or you just happened to see the books in a book store, you’re now interested in watching Outlander. It’s time to play catch-up, which means looking for where each of the seasons are streaming.

If you already have Amazon Prime Video, it makes sense to check if Outlander Season 2 is on there. If it is, you can avoid other streaming platforms.

Where can you start streaming the second season of the time-traveling drama? Here’s everything you need to know.

Outlander Season 2 is not on Amazon Prime Video

There’s some bad news if you’re looking to watch Outlander Season 2 on Amazon with your Prime membership. The season is not available on Amazon Prime Video in the United States. Nor is this likely to happen for quite some time if it ever does.

However, you can watch the show via Amazon with the right methods. The first is through Amazon Channels. All five seasons of the series are available to stream on STARZ, and STARZ is one of the Amazon Channels shows.

Amazon Channels allows you to add other streaming platforms straight to your Amazon account. You’ll still pay the usual fee for the STARZ platform, but the payments are included with your usual Amazon Prime subscription. Everything is kept in one place, so you can get access to STARZ via Amazon Prime instead of having multiple logins and multiple apps.

Another option is to watch on Digital via Amazon Video. You can buy all episodes of Outlander Season 2 via Amazon Video and all episodes will be added to your Amazon Library. You just pay the once and then you’ll have access to the episodes to watch whenever you want.

Outlander Season 2 is available to stream on STARZ via Amazon Channels.