Droughtlander suggestions: Check out Glitch on Netflix

If you’re looking for a complete series to watch during Droughtlander, you’ll want to check out Glitch on Netflix. There’s even an Outlander actor.

There are some excellent TV shows on Netflix to help you get through Droughtlander. We’ve shared a list of great picks, but our latest Droughtlander suggestion didn’t make it to that list. Maybe one day it will.

For now, it’s all about the Australian drama Glitch. There are three seasons of the series and only three seasons. By the end of it, you get a complete story. This isn’t one of those shows that was just abruptly canceled by Netflix after a couple of seasons.

The series opens with six people coming back from the dead. They’ve all been dead for different amounts of time, and they all need to figure out who they were and how they died. At the same time, a local police officer, James Hayes, needs to figure out how they came back and protect them from threats coming after them.

Why watch Glitch during Droughtlander?

This is one of those shows that is very different to Outlander. It doesn’t really involve time travel, but there are characters from the past in the present day. People who died decades earlier have arrived in the present day, giving us a chance to see how people from the past could react in the future.

There is one particular actor who will stand out. Ned Dennehy, who played Lionel Brown in Outlander Season 5, stars as one of the characters brought back from the dead. In this one, he plays an Irish immigrant who turned out to be the fictional town of Yoorana’s mayor. As he figures out what happened to him, he also figures out how he can do right for his descendants. It’s a great chance to see the actor play a slightly “good” role in a show.

There is also plenty of drama to unfold. There are a lot of questions about things that have happened and how people have come back from the dead. There are threats from the outside against this small group of people, and the small group has to become a family of sorts. Despite all coming from different times, they find a connection to each other in their shared experiences.

The police officer has his own problem to deal with. One of the women back from the dead is his wife who died two years earlier. And he has a secret at home that he has to deal with while working through his feelings of his wife coming back from the dead.

There are 18 episodes in total, all around an hour long. It won’t take you too long to get through the show, especially if you’re anything like me with binge-watching, but Glitch is worth the watch during Droughtlander.

What are you watching during Droughtlander? What do you think of Glitch? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Glitch is available to stream on Netflix.