Outlander Book Club: The Fiery Cross Chapter 33 breakdown

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We start with Roger and Brianna in their cabin. Roger is home in time for Christmas, although he’s completely forgotten about the time of year. He apologizes for that and realizes he should have bought something for Bree and Jemmy while he was away.

It turns out that Bree is angry, and Roger thinks she’s angry that he forgot about Christmas. It’s not that at all, and that leads to Roger trying to think of what Brianna could be so angry about. What has he done wrong? It’s certainly an amusing moment as I think everyone has been there.

Brianna points out everything that she did while running Fraser’s Ridge. She stepped up as the head of the household, dealing with everything that happened while Jamie, Claire, and Roger were gone.

It’s actually the talk of geese that brings up the anger. There was an incident that involved the geese getting out and Brianna having to shoot them all as fast as she could.

Roger comments that she did well, but it was a joke for him. Brianna didn’t take it that way, and it turns out that’s what she wanted. She wanted someone to tell her that she did well, to notice her accomplishments. It makes sense considering this wasn’t something Brianna was raised to do, but she stepped up to the challenge. I have always loved with the books that we see this capable side of her, something that the show missed out on.

It looks like things are settled again for the MacKenzies. Now it is time to get ready for Christmas.