Outlander Book Club: The Fiery Cross Chapter 31 breakdown

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Claire is woken up by crying, but it’s not one of the goats. She realizes that there’s a human baby in the woods, and that baby is close to them. Fanny Beardsley has given birth and run off without waking either Claire or Jamie.

Claire and Jamie immediately start caring for the baby, while trying to figure out what’s happened. Did Fanny get taken off by something or someone? That isn’t likely. After all, nothing has happened to them, the goats, or the horses.

If animals had turned up, the animals would have been mauled. If the local Native Americans turned up, they would have taken the horses and likely woken Claire and Jamie. So, that means Fanny has wandered off in the middle of the night.

As Claire notices a “Mongol spot” on the baby, she notes that there could be a reason for Fanny running off. This baby may look white right now, but the baby’s father is Black (and definitely not Mr. Beardsley’s baby). Claire wonders whether the spot could also be there if the baby was part Native American.

Jamie is surprised by this revelation about the spot. However, that may not matter as the baby will have a big dowry. There was no will at the house and no other known kin. The baby girl is going to inherit the homestead, the goats, and more. It’s going to be enough to encourage someone to take this baby in, but they need to get to Brownsville first.

That’s a couple of hours away still, but Jamie knows the way. He does suggest they leave the goats for now, but they will come back for them eventually. The goats will be able to look after each other for the time being.

When they get to Brownsville, they catch up with Fergus to find out everything that happened. Of course, Fergus can’t help but comment on the baby. He does know that there are two women who have recently given birth, which means nourishment other than goat’s milk for the baby. Fergus also explains that Roger is still singing to entertain the Browns.

The topic of Morton comes up. Morton is hiding right now, and the Browns must know that he’s there. Fergus has got to the bottom of the situation, finding out that Morton and Alicia Brown had a relationship. Morton can’t marry her though because he already has a wife. Jamie understands why the Browns want him dead now.