Outlander Book Club: The Fiery Cross Chapter 30 breakdown

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Just the Outlander chapter

Let’s just start with the chapter. Brianna manages to get some minutes to herself in Jamie’s study. The Chrisholm boys don’t come in here because they’re in awe of Jamie. The stories of Claire being a White Lady doesn’t stop them going into Claire’s surgery, though! Brianna can’t help but think of the poisons Claire probably has in there.

She’s interrupted from looking at some of the papers in the study (including a diary entry from Jamie about how he compares Brianna and the White Sow now and then!) by a scream outside. It turns out the Chrisholm boys were playing “Scalping” and decided to cut the hair off one of the girls from another family. Mrs. Bug hit the boys for their actions, and naturally, Mrs. Chrisholm is angry about that.

Brianna glares and tells them she was writing something important and then goes back to her work. She considers letting Mrs. Chrisholm and her family have her cabin for the time being. With some changes in the house, she could sleep in Claire and Jamie’s room for the time being, but she doesn’t necessarily want to give up her space.

Thoughts move onto a letter that she finds from Lord John Grey. He is writing about Stephen Bonnet, who he wants to find as well. He notes that his head is healed but he had headaches now and then; nothing for Claire to worry about. Brianna reads on and finds out that Bonnet is known for some terrible actions.

He’d blinded a man in a fight. Lord John Grey certainly wants to find him and is disappointed that he’s still alive. Brianna sits with that story of Bonnet.