Is Outlander Season 7 the last?

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

With news of how the episode counts per season are changing, many fans are worried Outlander Season 7 is the last. Is that going to be the case?

When a show gets past the fifth season or so, there tends to be the concern that it could end with the following season. That’s especially the case in recent years. It’s uncommon for shows to move past the fifth season. Just looking at STARZ shows, it’s really only Power and Outlander that have managed it.

So, it’s understandable that Sassenachs around the world are worried about Outlander Season 7 being the last. The news that the season will be 16 episodes long has made some fans concerned.

Let’s just point out that the extended season order comes because Season 6 has been shortened. Had Outlander Season 6 been the full 12 episodes (it’s shortened due to pandemic filming problems) then Season 7 wouldn’t have been extended.

Could Outlander Season 7 be the end of the series?

It’s certainly possible that Outlander Season 7 is the last. We just don’t know what STARZ or the producers of the series have planned. Everyone could decide that it’s time to bring the series to an end at this point.

However, just because the season has been given an extended season order doesn’t mean that it’s the end. The extension is because Season 6 has been shortened. It’s a way to make sure there are still 24 episodes across the two seasons.

The decision to end the season isn’t going to come until much closer to Outlander Season 7 airing. STARZ will want to see how the ratings are for Season 6 before deciding anything, especially considering the Droughtlander. And remember that this isn’t about the live TV ratings, but about the ratings via the STARZ app. These are ratings we don’t get to see, but are the most important for STARZ.

So, right now, I wouldn’t worry too much about Outlander Season 7 being the last. Sure, it might be, but let’s enjoy the ride while it’s on.

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