Outlander Book Club: The Fiery Cross Chapter 25 breakdown

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The chapter starts with Claire and Jamie in bed together. This is their last night like this for a while. In the morning, they’ll both end up riding off to deal with the militia on the orders of Governor Tryon.

Jamie comments that Roger should stop singing soon if he’s going to say a proper goodbye to Brianna. She won’t leave with them, and neither will Marsali. The only reason Claire is going with them is because she has battlefield medical experience.

Claire thinks about what she might come back to. She’s worried about her surgery being destroyed while she’s away. She’s also worried that Brianna, Marsali, or someone else will need Claire’s medical attention while she’s away. It makes it clear that she realizes there is nobody at the Ridge who will be able to help if there’s a serious problem. Mrs. Bug will try her best, and Brianna probably would to, but there’s nobody else and Claire is understandably worried about that.

At the end, after Claire makes her mental checklist for the morning, Jamie gets up. He finishes his letter to Lord John Grey, which starts off with the name of the baby, including the use of Ian, which is the Scottish version of John.

There are also comments about how Governor Tryon isn’t a farmer so probably hasn’t thought about riding out in the middle of winter. However, Tryon is a soldier, so he knows what he’s doing. This is a show of force, and Jamie is sure that nothing will come of it. He understands the Regulators’ fight but doesn’t condone everything that they’ve done.