How many Outlander Season 6 episodes will the Christies be in?

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

The Christie family is sure to cause trouble for the Frasers on Outlander Season 6. Just how many episodes will they be involved in?

Now, I will start this by saying STARZ and Outlander have not released anything to confirm just how many episodes the Christies will be involved in. However, there is a clue on Twitter that helps us figure a few things out.

We can also work with the released episode titles. These titles aren’t confirmed officially by the network or the production company, and there are debates over whether one title is for Episode 4 or Episode 6 of the season. I’m going with Episode 6, especially with other clues.

The Christies take up a lot of time in the book, so we should expect a fair few episodes for them in the series.

The Christies could take up most of Outlander Season 6

Considering the importance of the Christies and the fact that they still need to be introduced into the story, we’re probably looking at about half of Outlander Season 6. This could give fans time to get to know the family and see the drama play out.

We do know that at least one actor for this storyline is done. Alexander Vlahos tweeted that he was leaving Scotland on May 20. He’s now back in London, which suggests that he’s not needed for Outlander Season 6 filming. It suggests that the Christie storyline is done when it comes to filming.

Considering filming started in January, we’re looking at just less than five months of filming. It takes a month to a month and a half for a block, which is two episodes. So, we’re probably looking at six episodes with the Christies, which does then match up to that debated title being Episode 6’s title.

This doesn’t mean all six episodes are just Christie drama. There could be things added in, similar to how it took seven episodes for the Regulator storyline to reach the Battle of Alamance on Outlander Season 5.

This is likely most of the season, as we’ve found out that Outlander Season 6 is now only going to be eight episodes. Considering Allan Christie’s storyline continues close to the end of the novel, it’s certainly plausible that the storyline will take up the majority of the season.

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