Outlander Season 2: Who was the little girl with Claire in Boston 1954?

Outlander Season 2 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 2 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

The start of Outlander Season 2, Episode 7 opens with Claire and a little red-headed girl in Boston 1954. Who is she meant to be?

There is some debate over who this little girl is supposed to be. Is she Brianna, or is she a “what if” with Faith? After all, this flash-forward takes place at the beginning of Outlander Season 2, Episode 7. This is the episode Claire has a miscarriage and loses Faith.

In my opinion, there isn’t actually a wrong answer here. I don’t really care what EP Toni Graphia has said about it, as art is subjective and TV shows are a form of art. We’re all going to take something differently from a series.

So, really, if you think the little girl is Faith or Brianna, you’re not wrong. Who could this little girl be, though?

Toni Graphia says a thought of loss on Outlander Season 2

Graphia has long said that this little girl in Boston 1954 is supposed to be Claire thinking of what could have been. She’s lost Faith, and she’s thinking of the life that Faith could have had. This was a chance to show the process of grief.

It doesn’t completely make sense to me. The child was in Boston in 1954. At this point in the Outlander story, Claire had made the choice to stay in the 18th century. She had no reason to believe that she would end up back in her own time, let alone taking a child through the stones and then moving to Boston!

That’s why my opinion is that this is Brianna. We get this brief flash-forward of Claire with Brianna in 1954, showing what’s to come. Up to this point, we know (Claire doesn’t) that Claire goes back to her own time and Frank takes her back. We know they’re heading on a plane to Boston to live there. It’s easy to connect that with this scene of a little red-haired girl growing up in Boston and Claire reminiscing about Scotland.

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Who do you think the little girl is supposed to be at the start of Outlander Season 2, Episode 7? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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