Outlander Book Club: The Fiery Cross Chapter 14 breakdown

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Claire narrates the chapter, explaining that Bree and Roger chose to get married with the Presbyterian minister. The minister offered Jocasta and Duncan a wedding, but Jocasta refused. She wants to get married in a Catholic ceremony, and Duncan doesn’t really get a choice in that.

Claire does note how their marriage isn’t one of love, but it will be one of respect. That is something that matters to make a relationship work.

As for Bree and Roger, they are getting their wedding and Jocasta is still willing to pay for some of it. However, Jamie isn’t the happiest about it not being a Catholic ceremony. Claire points out that he got his own way with the baptisms, and this is Bree and Roger’s wedding. They’ve both agreed to this, so he should at least show that he’s happy.

That leads to a big fake grin, which Germain asks about. He doesn’t quite understand the differences of the two Christian religions, but he does copy Jamie with the fake grin. He then tells Fergus to smile, and Fergus copies the grin. Brianna just looks over and chuckles at the sight. You can just imagine these three wide, Cheshire Cat-like grins toward Bree and Roger.

The wedding ceremony goes without a hitch. At the very end, Claire repeats the final line of the vows to Jamie. ‘Til death do them part. And that’s the way it’s going to be.