Outlander Book Club: Drums of Autumn Chapter 69 breakdown

Outlander Season 4 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks/STARZ
Outlander Season 4 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks/STARZ /
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Outlander — Courtesy of STARZ /

Foreshadowing in the Outlander chapter

The foreshadowing in this chapter comes from the discussion of Roger’s ancestors. It’s clear that Morag from the Gloriana is Roger’s ancestor. She married Buck.

The two of them are going to come up again. It’s only a matter of time before Roger and Buck come face to face, and it’s not going to be a good meeting.

I think there’s also a bit of foreshadowing that Claire and the others will continue to try to change things. After all, the Battle of Alamance is coming up.

Adapting the Drums of Autumn chapter

Now it comes to the adaptation. This chapter wasn’t used. The Gathering was completely changed for the TV series. After all, Jocasta and Duncan weren’t getting married. There was no need to see the family travel to the Gathering that wasn’t happening.

I have to admit that I was really happy to see this change. When it got to Outlander Season 5, I turned to a book-first fan, and man the first part of The Fiery Cross was long. I couldn’t see how it could work into the series at all.

In the end, the show opted to keep the most important elements of the Gathering, but it was all about Brianna and Roger’s wedding instead. It was a positive way to start the season, especially knowing what was coming for everyone during the season.

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