Outlander Season 2 premiere: Explaining the time change

Outlander Season 2 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 2 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

With new Outlander fans joining the clan every day, there are a few questions that come up. One of those is to explain the Outlander Season 2 premiere.

The TV series opts for a slightly different start to the season compared to the start of Dragonfly in Amber. In the novel, Claire is in the 1968s and the set up is to tell Brianna the story about Jamie. In the series, we pick up in 1948 with Claire going back to her own time.

The TV series has a beautiful shot of Claire reaching for Frank’s hand as she gets off the plane to her grabbing Jamie’s hand as they step off the ship in Paris. It’s a beautiful transition and is similar to Claire stepping out of the taxi into a puddle in the 1960s and then stepping out of the puddle in the 1760s in Outlander Season 3.

And when you’ve watched the Outlander Season 2 premiere are few times, you’ll get the transition. It’s the first time you watch that you can end up with questions.

How did Claire go from being with Jamie sailing across to France at the end of the Season 1 finale and then pick up in 1948 at Culloden in the Season 2 premiere? Is it possible you’ve skipped an episode? What is going on with this storytelling?

Filling out the story in the Outlander Season 2 premiere

One TV approach is to show how the season is going to end at the very beginning. We get to see that Claire goes back through the stones and Culloden still happens as it does in the history books. We see her back with Frank, and she’s pregnant with Jamie’s child.

We’re left wondering for the whole season how things are going to happen.

For those who don’t like spoilers, this form of storytelling can lead to some disappointment. What’s the point in watching the journey when you know how it ends? For those who like to be detectives or plot guessers, it can be a little fun to see what’s going to go wrong next.

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