Outlander Season 5, Episode 8 paints a heavy, important light on PTSD

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

As we look back at Outlander Season 5, Episode 8, we do so with a heavy heart. It’s a difficult episode to watch, but also extremely important.

Okay, I found it difficult to watch. As someone who does experience flashbacks of a traumatic event, Outlander Season 5, Episode 8 hit extremely hard for me. The repetitiveness of the silent movie flashbacks spoke volumes, hitting hard in my own head and heart.

I know the repetitiveness got to some people, or they found the stylized events annoying and boring after a while. However, it’s important to note that if you did find them annoying, the episode has done some of its job.

This episode wasn’t just about Roger’s character development. It was a chance to shine a huge light on PTSD and how it can play out in the brain. Flashbacks are annoying. They are repetitive. They can certainly be overwhelming and confusing at the same time. We got that look within Roger’s head, as he played his hanging over and over again.

Outlander needs to remember PTSD continues

By the end of Outlander Season 5, Episode 8, Roger worked through his memories. He figured out what makes him want to live, and it looks like everything is over for him. He even manages to help Young Ian, who is about to die by suicide due to his own pain.

However, this isn’t just going to stop for Roger. Even accepting what happened and realizing what makes him want to live doesn’t get rid of all those flashbacks.

There are going to be things that trigger him. It could be the view of a rope or a bag. It could be the sound of someone’s name or voice. There may be a sound that makes him flashback to his traumatic event. It doesn’t matter how well he’s handling it now. Those moments can seem to come out of nowhere, and they take time to manage.

Whatever it is, there is going to be something. We’re not okay all the time, and that’s okay to be like that! It’s important for Outlander to remind us of that in the way it took so long for Jamie to deal with his own trauma at the start of Season 2.

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What did you think of the silent movie flashbacks? Do you need more from Roger about PTSD to highlight the importance of the subject? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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