Will Nell Hudson be in The Irregulars Season 2 on Netflix?

The Irregulars -- Courtesy of Matt Squire/Netflix
The Irregulars -- Courtesy of Matt Squire/Netflix /

Nell Hudson appeared in a few episodes of The Irregulars Season 1 as Princess Louise. Will the Outlander actress return for The Irregulars Season 2?

We didn’t initially get to know who Hudson would play on the Sherlock Holmes-inspired series. It turns out she was Princess Louise, daughter of Queen Victoria. It only seems fitting considering she was in Victoria on ITV/PBS with Jenna Coleman.

While Hudson’s character wasn’t in the series too much, she was there in a supportive role. Louise was absolutely nothing like Outlander‘s Laoghaire. Rule No. 1 when it comes to TV shows is to always separate actor from character!

Now eyes are on The Irregulars Season 2. While it’s not been officially confirmed, there are rumors that it has been quietly renewed. Is there a chance Hudson will return?

Could Louise have a role in The Irregulars Season 2?

It wouldn’t be surprising if she did return. Louise didn’t meet an untimely end, and she wasn’t a character that didn’t really have a purpose. She was there to help guide her younger brother, Leo, who would fall in love with Bea but choose to court Helena by the end.

Louise did warm to Spike from the group of orphans. She could see the goodness in them despite what others in her position might have believed.

If she does return, it will hopefully be in more than just the supportive role that she had in the first season. With Leo agreeing to court Helena, she could help to guide the two of them together. With her connection to Spike, there’s even a chance she could lend a hand on a case (or two?).

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What did you think of Nell Hudson on The Irregulars? Would you like to see her on The Irregulars Season 2 if it happens? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Irregulars is available to stream on Netflix.