Outlander Book Club: Drums of Autumn Chapter 45 breakdown

Outlander Season 4 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 4 -- Courtesy of STARZ /
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Outlander Season 4 — Courtesy of Aimee Spinks/STARZ /

Brianna opens up to her mother in Outlander Book 4, Chapter 45

Claire realizes that Brianna is holding something back in Outlander Book 4, Chapter 45. She learns far more than she ever thought she would, and it’s not all good.

This is the moment that we, as the reader, learn that something did happen to Brianna when she met with Stephen Bonnet. We knew something had to have happened, but there have been no hints about it up to this point. No suggestion that Brianna was carrying this weight on her shoulders.

The chapter is essential in the overall story. It casts so much doubt on a lot of things. At the same time, it’s a hard chapter to read. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you had to put it down, especially on the first reading. I know I had to step away the first time I got to this part.

Of course, the TV show did give us the chapter. Part of it was moved to an earlier episode to keep things moving linearly, but the rest of it was kept for when Brianna got to Fraser’s Ridge. There was no way of avoiding this chapter. Not only is it a chance to see Bree still needs her mom (as children do at times like this), but it has a huge knock-on effect for everyone.

It’s a relatively average-length chapter, coming in at around 40 minutes. However, it is certainly packed with detail.

Let’s dive into Drums of Autumn Chapter 45.