Outlander: Why was Jamie flogged?

Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Jamie was flogged in the time before the Outlander books and show started. We learned why it happened when Jamie opened up to Claire.

For Outlander fans, this isn’t a question you’ll be asking. However, you’ll be surprised by the number of times that it is asked in forums and through messages. So, it’s time for a post to make it easy to find the answer.

Before the books and series started, Jamie was arrested. When Claire meets him, she learns that he’s on the run from the British Army, an escaped prisoner with a large bounty on his head. It doesn’t take long for Jamie to explain to her that he was flogged, but why did it happen?

It all starts with him initially being arrested at Lallybroch. From there, the situation grew in a way that wasn’t fair.

Jamie arrested at Lallybroch

It all starts with Black Jack Randall and his dragoons coming to Lallybroch. This was common for the British soldiers, expecting food, drink, and even sometimes shelter. The local people had no choice but to hand over rations.

Jamie fought back, especially after hearing his sister’s screams. It led to Jamie being restrained and Black Jack Randall threatening to rape and kill Jenny.

The next thing Jamie knew was that he’d been knocked out and woke up in prison.

Jamie is flogged on Outlander

At Fort William, Jamie was flogged twice in the space of a week. Both times, he was flogged 100 times.

The books explain the reasons for the flogging more than the show. That’s purely due to time available in the books and it’s a fault with the show (just time in shows overall).

Initially, Jamie was flogged for stealing something. He also refused to give into Black Jack Randall’s advances. That’s when he’s flogged again.

However, he does consider giving into Black Jack Randall to save himself, but his father turning up stops him from doing that. Instead of bringing any sort of shame to the family, he takes the second flogging, which does lead to Brian Fraser suffering a stroke.

In the end, Jamie manages to escape Fort William. There is a bounty on his head for the murder of a soldier, even though he definitely didn’t do it. That was Black Jack Randall.

That’s just the basics of why Jamie was flogged in Outlander. Basically, it’s Black Jack Randall’s power trip as he fails to get what he wants from Jamie.

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